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Academic collaborative Stronger on your own feet is a collaboration between the Radboud university medical centre and sevenlager care provider organizations for people with intellectual disability. Our mission is to improve the health and healthcare for people with ID by integrating research, education and patient care.

Our ambition is to provide, support and initiate research, education and care in which people with ID and their supporters take a central role, not disease or disability. The research takes place at the Radboud university medical centre Nijmegen, department of primary and community care, research group intellectual disability & health. Inclusive research is one of the main focus points and two co-researchers are employed at our group to support our research, implementation and dissemination activities.

Our research focuses on two lines. The first line of research places people with ID in the central role. The aim is to gain insight in the mechanisms behind complex health problems people with ID experience during their lifecourse. The second line of research focuses on health systems & policy research and aims to gain insight in health inequities and health disparities experienced by people with ID.



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